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Fix reply replies
Fix tag reblogging
MissingE_reply_overlay (can't re-click comment buttons)
Reblog reply icon, is it working?
Widescreen inline notes
Widescreen notification bars
Tumblr have their own icons now? Not all of them.
tag wrapping
Mega editor link?
don't need double http:// remover?
Rescued post width: .rescued_post { width:auto !important; }
Check all inline uploaders
Check blank post allow
Check move to top of queue
Check reblog keyboard shortcuts (R especially)
Better handling of page prev/next shortcuts (they are acting before the flag is defined)
Check redirects
Chrome 24+
New uninstall FAQ for Chrome (no more wrench icon)
Confirmation for reply to reblogs?
smart redirect
their added sidebar sucks
- extra buttons (queue, messages)
- in the inbox
Cache settings check for Quick Reblogging
Change all features that pass info to new tabs to no longer use localStorage
- Reblog tags I think
Audio controls for currently-playing audio post [tagthesun]
- good idea, how to do it?
Bookmark in tracked tags [bananacomnena]
- before has timestamp argument (in seconds)
- post RSS has enough info, but inline time in post corner does not
Fancybox for magnifier
- for next major version (Opera?)
Remove retry settings
- for next major version
Make option groups into buttons that open a fancybox for sub options
- for next major version
Mass editor mass make private?
- done in background, send back list
Mass editor select by tags?
- Binary search, sort of
- it can be done, only check unselected posts.
- bg process can send back completion status to fill a bar thing and start selecting (or marking as private without reloading page)
Ask Tweaks
- Send to Facebook option
Retries on queue tags
- Load images, style, js from subdomains
- make icons into a sprite