Virtual Machine Installation Guide

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We have created an open virtualization format (OVF) package that bundles all these 3rd party tools and is configured to run out of the box in a virtual machine.

To run a virtual version of METAREP on your machine, follow these steps

  1. download the METAREP OVF package from our ftp download site at
  2. unzipp the OVF package
  3. download and install Oracle’s Virtual Box, a OVF compatible virtualization software
  4. start Virtual Box
  5. click File/Import Appliance and select the OVF file.
  6. adjust RAM/CPU usage using the Appliance Import Wizard (see image)
  7. start VM
  8. double-Click on the METAREP firefox link on the VM desktop
  9. log into METAREP with username=admin and password=admin

This virtual machine appliance is the first step in developing a fully cloud-enabled analysis platform where users can easily launch the application wherever is most convenient: on their personal desktop or in the cloud where they can scale-out the appliance to suite their needs.

Future virtual machine images will be certified to run on other virtualization software platforms. Stay tuned.