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// This code slightly follows the conventions of, but is not derived from:
// EHTERSHIELD_H library for Arduino etherShield
// Copyright (c) 2008 Xing Yu. All right reserved. (this is LGPL v2.1)
// It is however derived from the enc28j60 and ip code (which is GPL v2)
// Author: Pascal Stang
// Modified by: Guido Socher
// DHCP code: Andrew Lindsay
// Hence: GPL V2
// 2010-05-19 <>
#ifndef EtherCard_h
#define EtherCard_h
#if ARDUINO >= 100
#include <Arduino.h> // Arduino 1.0
#define WRITE_RESULT size_t
#define WRITE_RETURN return 1;
#include <WProgram.h> // Arduino 0022
#define WRITE_RESULT void
#include <avr/pgmspace.h>
#include "enc28j60.h"
#include "net.h"
typedef struct {
uint8_t count; // number of allocated pages
uint8_t first; // first allocated page
uint8_t last; // last allocated page
} StashHeader;
class Stash : public /*Stream*/ Print, private StashHeader {
uint8_t curr; // current page
uint8_t offs; // current offset in page
typedef struct {
union {
uint8_t bytes[64];
uint16_t words[32];
struct {
StashHeader head;
uint8_t filler[59];
uint8_t tail;
uint8_t next;
uint8_t bnum;
} Block;
static uint8_t allocBlock ();
static void freeBlock (uint8_t block);
static uint8_t fetchByte (uint8_t blk, uint8_t off);
static Block bufs[2];
static uint8_t map[256/8];
static void initMap (uint8_t last);
static void load (uint8_t idx, uint8_t blk);
static uint8_t freeCount ();
Stash () : curr (0) { first = 0; }
Stash (uint8_t fd) { open(fd); }
uint8_t create ();
uint8_t open (uint8_t blk);
void save ();
void release ();
void put (char c);
char get ();
uint16_t size ();
virtual WRITE_RESULT write(uint8_t b) { put(b); WRITE_RETURN }
// virtual int available() {
// if (curr != last)
// return 1;
// load(1, last);
// return offs < bufs[1].tail;
// }
// virtual int read() {
// return available() ? get() : -1;
// }
// virtual int peek() {
// return available() ? bufs[1].bytes[offs] : -1;
// }
// virtual void flush() {
// curr = last;
// offs = 63;
// }
static void prepare (PGM_P fmt, ...);
static uint16_t length ();
static void extract (uint16_t offset, uint16_t count, void* buf);
static uint16_t cleanup ();
friend void dumpBlock (const char* msg, uint8_t idx); // optional
friend void dumpStash (const char* msg, void* ptr); // optional
class BufferFiller : public Print {
uint8_t *start, *ptr;
BufferFiller () {}
BufferFiller (uint8_t* buf) : start (buf), ptr (buf) {}
void emit_p (PGM_P fmt, ...);
void emit_raw (const char* s, uint16_t n) { memcpy(ptr, s, n); ptr += n; }
uint8_t* buffer () const { return start; }
uint16_t position () const { return ptr - start; }
virtual WRITE_RESULT write (uint8_t v) { *ptr++ = v; WRITE_RETURN }
class EtherCard : public Ethernet {
static uint8_t mymac[6]; // my MAC address
static uint8_t myip[4]; // my ip address
static uint8_t mymask[4]; // my net mask
static uint8_t gwip[4]; // gateway
static uint8_t dhcpip[4]; // dhcp server
static uint8_t dnsip[4]; // dns server
static uint8_t hisip[4]; // dns result
static uint16_t hisport; // tcp port to connect to (default 80)
// EtherCard.cpp
static uint8_t begin (const uint16_t size, const uint8_t* macaddr,
uint8_t csPin =8);
static bool staticSetup (const uint8_t* my_ip =0,
const uint8_t* gw_ip =0,
const uint8_t* dns_ip =0);
// tcpip.cpp
static void initIp (uint8_t *myip,uint16_t wwwp);
static void makeUdpReply (char *data,uint8_t len, uint16_t port);
static uint16_t packetLoop (uint16_t plen);
static void httpServerReply (uint16_t dlen);
static void setGwIp (const uint8_t *gwipaddr);
static uint8_t clientWaitingGw ();
static uint8_t clientTcpReq (uint8_t (*r)(uint8_t,uint8_t,uint16_t,uint16_t),
uint16_t (*d)(uint8_t),uint16_t port);
static void browseUrl (prog_char *urlbuf, const char *urlbuf_varpart,
prog_char *hoststr,
void (*cb)(uint8_t,uint16_t,uint16_t));
static void httpPost (prog_char *urlbuf, prog_char *hoststr,
prog_char *header, const char *postval,
void (*cb)(uint8_t,uint16_t,uint16_t));
static void ntpRequest (uint8_t *ntpip,uint8_t srcport);
static uint8_t ntpProcessAnswer (uint32_t *time, uint8_t dstport_l);
static void udpPrepare (uint16_t sport, uint8_t *dip, uint16_t dport);
static void udpTransmit (uint16_t len);
static void sendUdp (char *data,uint8_t len,uint16_t sport,
uint8_t *dip, uint16_t dport);
static void registerPingCallback (void (*cb)(uint8_t*));
static void clientIcmpRequest (const uint8_t *destip);
static uint8_t packetLoopIcmpCheckReply (const uint8_t *ip_mh);
static void sendWol (uint8_t *wolmac);
// new stash-based API
static uint8_t tcpSend ();
static const char* tcpReply (byte fd);
// dhcp.cpp
static bool dhcpSetup ();
static bool dhcpExpired ();
// dns.cpp
static bool dnsLookup (prog_char* name);
// webutil.cpp
static void copyIp (uint8_t *dst, const uint8_t *src);
static void copyMac (uint8_t *dst, const uint8_t *src);
static void printIp (const char* msg, const uint8_t *buf);
static uint8_t findKeyVal(const char *str,char *strbuf,
uint8_t maxlen, const char *key);
static void urlDecode(char *urlbuf);
static void urlEncode(char *str,char *urlbuf);
static uint8_t parseIp(uint8_t *bytestr,char *str);
static void makeNetStr(char *rs,uint8_t *bs,uint8_t len,
char sep,uint8_t base);
extern EtherCard ether;
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