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// Microchip ENC28J60 Ethernet Interface Driver
// Author: Pascal Stang
// Modified by: Guido Socher
// Copyright: GPL V2
// This driver provides initialization and transmit/receive
// functions for the Microchip ENC28J60 10Mb Ethernet Controller and PHY.
// This chip is novel in that it is a full MAC+PHY interface all in a 28-pin
// chip, using an SPI interface to the host processor.
// 2010-05-20 <>
#ifndef ENC28J60_H
#define ENC28J60_H
class ENC28J60 {
static uint8_t buffer[];
static uint16_t bufferSize;
static uint8_t* tcpOffset () { return buffer + 0x36; }
static void initSPI ();
static uint8_t initialize (const uint16_t size, const uint8_t* macaddr,
uint8_t csPin =8);
static bool isLinkUp ();
static void packetSend (uint16_t len);
static uint16_t packetReceive ();
static void copyout (uint8_t page, const uint8_t* data);
static void copyin (uint8_t page, uint8_t* data);
static uint8_t peekin (uint8_t page, uint8_t off);
static void powerDown(); // contrib by Alex M.
static void powerUp(); // contrib by Alex M.
static void enableBroadcast();
static void disableBroadcast();
static uint8_t doBIST(uint8_t csPin =8);
typedef ENC28J60 Ethernet;
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