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JeeLib for Arduino IDE: Ports, RF12, and RF69 drivers from JeeLabs

Merge pull request #85 from PiR43/master

Sleepy::loseSomeTime() shouldn't deactivate watchdog
latest commit f097c0039c
@jcw authored
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examples add comment
.gitignore change some doxygen defaults
Doxyfile doxygen update (thx David Menting)
Doxylogo.png doxygen update (thx David Menting)
Doxymods.css doxygen update (thx David Menting)
JeeLib.h more adjustments for rf12 compat mode
Ports.cpp Sleepy::loseSomeTime() need to configure watchDog in interupt mode. B…
Ports.h Add HYT131 support to Ports and roomNode
PortsBMP085.cpp Mainly formatting already existing comments to Doxygen format.
PortsBMP085.h lots of little docstrings added
PortsLCD.cpp Mainly formatting already existing comments to Doxygen format.
PortsLCD.h fix several outdated URLs
PortsRF12.cpp switch to the JeeLib.h header
PortsSHT11.cpp Fix a few compile errors against avr-gcc 4.7 on ubuntu.
PortsSHT11.h get rid of some long-standing warnings update README
RF12.cpp add a few more whitening bytes
RF12.h oops, compat mode is not default
RF12sio.cpp Fix compilation under Linux for Arduino < 100
RF12sio.h a bit more docs
RF69.cpp adapted changes from fixInterrupts branch
RF69.h minor tweak
RF69_avr.h removing older definition
RF69_compat.cpp allow access to the RF69 registers through the rf12_control() command
RF69_compat.h better explanation of how to use the RF69 driver added fixes for #33 and #34, also add new rf12_sendNow wrapper added fixes for #33 and #34, also add new rf12_sendNow wrapper
keywords.txt Added rf12_sendNow in keywords.txt

JeeLib is an Arduino IDE library for JeeNodes (made by JeeLabs)
and for compatible devices, with drivers for its wireless radio module,
its "JeePort" interfaces, and a range of add-on "JeePlug" interfaces.

The home page for this library is at

License: MIT

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