CPU price / performance scatter plot for determining CPU value when shopping for that next chip.
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So you're in the market for a CPU, how do you determine the best value at various price points? Do you care most about single-threaded performance or overall multi-core performance? This scatter plot of CPU price vs performance has you covered!

I wrote about the features of this on my blog, and you can find a live version of the graph at jcward.com/cpu_graph/

Data is downloaded from the fabulous cpubenchmark.net - if you're buying a CPU, please click through one of their referral links to Amazon or Newegg as thanks for the service they provide.



Grabs the data, parses it, and writes index.html for your browsing enjoyment.

On the page you can type a comma-separated list of search terms into the box to highlight certain CPUs (e.g. 3770,4770 to search for those CPU families.)



I am not affiliated with cpubenchmark.net, and the code is about the quick and dirtiest of scripts you can imagine. I wrote this when I was shopping for a CPU and am merely publishing it as others may find it useful. Use at your own risk - no warranty is given or implied. Also see the LICENSE file.