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Status: Currently inactive. Check out these alternatives:

Previous status: Beta, somewhat stable, feel free to file issues or check those currently outstanding.

Latest updates:

  • May 17, 2017: Added test nme
    • Tested working: vscode 1.11.1, test nme with haxe 3.4.2, hxcpp 3.4.90, nme 5.7.1, linux64
    • Tested working: vscode 1.11.1, test openfl with haxe 3.4.2, hxcpp 3.4.90, openfl 5.0.0, lime 4.1.0, linux64
  • Mar 20, 2017: Hugh recently fixed hxcpp-debugger breakpoints and step-over, available in hxcpp 3.4.69, though removing breakpoints is still an issue - see issue #50. Tested working combo: Haxe 3.4, VSCode 1.8, hxcpp 3.4.69.


The vscode-hxcpp-debug project is a Visual Studio Code extension (a debug adapter) that allows for debugging hxcpp applications in VSCode. This includes features like stepping through Haxe code and inspecting variables.

Used in combination with the vscode-haxe language extension (which provides syntax highlighting, auto-completion, etc and is available from the extensions marketplace, or the github repo, it makes VSCode is good cross-platform IDE for developing hxcpp apps.

Note: This extension doesn't provide language support / syntax highlight. For that, search for Haxe in the marketplace.



  1. Download and install Visual Studio Code
  2. Install the hxcpp-debugger library from git:
haxelib git hxcpp-debugger

Install the extension:

Note: Once this project stabilizes, I'll push it to the marketplace for easier installation.

Step 1. Clone the vscode-hxcpp-debug repo into your VSCode extensions directory:

  • Linux: $HOME/.vscode/extensions
  • Mac: $HOME/.vscode/extensions
  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\.vscode\extensions


cd ~/.vscode/extensions
git clone

Step 2. Build the debug adapter using haxe build-<platform>.hxml


cd ~/.vscode/extensions/vscode-hxcpp-debug
haxe build-linux.hxml

Done! If it's running, restart Visual Studio Code after installing the extension.


Setup your project

In your project, add a .vscode folder with a launch.json file in it. See example launch.json files (they have platform-specific build sections for Windows, Linux, & Mac) in the test CLI project or the test OpenFL project.

You will need to update some of the parameters -- these tell the extension how to compile and launch your project, for example:

	"compileCommand=openfl build windows -debug -DHXCPP_DEBUGGER",

Your app needs to:

  • include the library (-lib hxcpp-debugger)
  • be compiled in -debug mode
  • be compiled with -D HXCPP_DEBUGGER

If using OpenFL, add the following to your project.xml file to satisfy the above conditions:

	<haxelib name="hxcpp-debugger" if="debug" />
	<haxedef name="HXCPP_DEBUGGER" if="debug"/>

Near the entry point of your app, add the following code:

#if debug
    new debugger.HaxeRemote(true, "localhost");

(In place of localhost, you can use the IP address or hostname of your computer if you're remote debugging a mobile app, for example.)

Open your project folder in Visual Studio Code.

Select the debugger button on the left (bottom button) and you should see the debug launch configurations (Build and debug, Debug) in the dropdown list:


If you do not see these options, ensure your project folder contains a .vscode/launch.json file like the samples given above.


Here are some potential errors you might receive, and how you might resolve them:

  • DebugAdapter bin folder not found on path - build the debug adapter from vscode-hxcpp-debug using haxe build-<platform>.hxml
  • Configured debug type 'hxcpp' is not supported or No extension installed for 'hxcpp' debugging - the extension is not properly installed in your .vscode/extensions directory. Ensure the vscode-hxcpp-debug directory is there, and that it contains the package.json file. Try restarting VSCode.
  • Build and debug fails with COMPILE FAILED error - ensure the compileCommand and compilePath in your launch.json file has the correct command, arguments, and syntax required to build your project.
  • The debugger hangs after compiling - ensure your runCommand and runPath in your launch.json file has the correct command, arguments, and syntax required to build your project. In addition, ensure you've compiled your project in debug mode, included the debugger library, and inserted the new HaxeRemote() hunk of code listed above.
  • Error: runCommand not found: Main-debug.exe In general, this means the runCommand in your launch.json (which should be the executable result of your build, e.g. MyApp.exe) is not found. Also make sure your compile and run commands are appropriate for your platfor (see the various configuration sections of the launch.json file in the sample .vscode directory).
  • Build failed, cannot write Main-debug.exe or similar. Sometimes your program is still running from an old launch. You may have to start task manager and kill your app before you can build it again.


VSC debug adapter for Haxe hxcpp runtime




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