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jQuery plugin for flashing messages in the browser title bar (i.e. chat message alerts)
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Flashes the page title with a custom message.

Example usage

$.titleAlert("Hello World!", {

Flash title bar with text "Hello World!", if the window doesn't have focus, for 10 seconds or until window gets focused, with an interval of 500ms

Parameters and Options

jQuery.titleAlert(message, options)
message A string the message that should be flashed in the browser title.
options JavaScript object containing options
name default description
interval 500 The flashing interval in milliseconds.
originalTitleInterval null Time in milliseconds that the original title is diplayed for. If null the time is the same as interval.
duration 0 The total lenght of the flashing before it is automatically stopped. Zero means infinite.
stopOnFocus true If true, the flashing will stop when the window gets focus.
stopOnMouseMove false If true, the flashing will stop when the document recieves a mousemove event (i.e. when the user moves the mouse over the document area, regardless of what window is active).
requireBlur false Experimental. If true, the call will be ignored unless the window is out of focus. Known issues: Firefox doesn't recognize tab switching as blur, and there are some minor IE problems as well.


MIT License

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