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This directory contains various tools which aid the ScummVM developers
in their work. They are not intended for the general audience, and are
only sparsely, if at all, documented. Use at your own risk. You have
been warned :-). (buddha)
    Tool for extracting palettes from Amiga AGI games' executables., (sev)
    Tools related to predictive input for AGI engine.

    Tool which converts BDF fonts (BDF = Bitmap Distribution Format) to
    C++ source. That source, after being slightly tweaked, can be used to
    replace or add fonts for the ScummVM GUI.

    There is also a ttf2bdf tool which allows you to convert TrueType
    fonts to BDF.

    Hint from SumthinWicked: If you use ttf2bdf, it'll convert all glyphs
    to bitmaps, but ScummVM only needs some of them. So you may want to
    do your conversion like this:
      ttf2bdf -p SIZE -l "32_160" -o FONT.bdf FONT.ttf
    where SIZE is replaced by the desired font height.

create_drascula (sev)
    Stores a lot of hardcoded data of Drascula in a data file, based on
    the game's original source code. This includes the game's character
    map, item locations, several hardcoded arrays used in animations,
    room script logic, talk sequence logic and all of the game's texts
    (mostly the dialog subtitles) in English, Spanish, German, French
    and Italian. This tool is used to create the drascula.dat file.

create_hugo (Strangerke)
    Creates hugo.dat file which contains all kinds of static data contained
    in original game executable.

create_kyradat (LordHoto, athrxx)
    Extracts various static data from the original game executables.
    This includes room tables in kyra1, various hardcoded language
    strings in both kyra1 and kyra2, script data for the sequence
    players of kyra1 and kyra2 and other static data. This tool is used
    to create the kyra.dat file.

create_lure (dreammaster)
    Extracts various static data from each of the different language
    versions of the game executables. This includes character
    animations, game scripts, and other static data. This tool creates
    the lure.dat file.

create_project (LordHoto, Littleboy)
    Creates project files for Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, Xcode and
    Code::Blocks out of the configure / Makefile based build system.
    It also offers a way to enable or disable certain engines and the use
    of external libraries similar to configure. Run the tool without
    any arguments for further help.

create_toon (Strangerke)
    This tool creates toon.dat, which contains all the game's texts 
    hardcoded in original game executable. This includes English, French,
    German, Russian and Spanish texts. 

create_translations (criezy)
    Creates the translations.dat file from po files given as arguments.
    The generated files is used by ScummVM to propose a translated GUI.
    This perl script contains credits to the many people who helped with
    ScummVM, and it is used to create the credits lists that occur in
    various places, including the AUTHORS file, the about dialog, and our
    web site.
    This shell script is used to create source release archives for
    ScummVM releases. After tagging a branch for release, you can invoke
    it like this:

      ./ scummvm 0.7.1

    Note #1: This creates .zip, .tar.bz2 and .tar.gz archives in /tmp by
    default. To do that it performs a "cvs export" in /tmp first. If you
    want to use another location, you can specify it as the thirds param
    to the script.

    Note #2: This assumes that our naming conventions for release tags
    are being followed. I.e. the tag must be named "release-0-7-1" in
    the above example. You can, however, specify an alternate tag as the
    fourth param.

    Note #3: Since anon CVS tends to lag behind developer CVS, if
    you just tagged CVS, anon CVS may not yet have this. So if you are
    in a hurry, modify the cvsroot in the script to use your dev CVS

make-scumm-fontdata (eriktorbjorn)
    Tool that generates compressed font data used in SCUMM: To get rid of
    a few kilobytes of hard-coded font data, we only store how the
    French, German, Italian and Spanish fonts differ from the English one.

    Used to convert scumm-md5.txt into a SCUMM header file, or
    alternatively PHP code for our website.

qtable (cyx)
    This tool generates the "queen.tbl" file.

skycpt (lavosspawn)
    This tool generates the "SKY.CPT" file.
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