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This script don't require instalation, you only need download this files and execute as below. If you has the NPM instaled you can install this script via NPM:

  • Into your project:
    npm install JSLintCli
  • As Global (Recomended):
    sudo npm install JSLintCli -g
    If you install as Global you need execute this script as SuperUser on the first time to download and install the core


There are 2 ways to execute this script:

  • Using node executable:
    node JSLint
  • Or using JSLint as executable:

You can pass to this script one of this file formats:

  • One file:
    node JSLint tests/test1.js
  • Multiple files:
    node JSLint tests/test1.js tests/test2.js tests/test3.js
  • A search with wildcard:
    node JSLint tests/*.js

This script accept one option parameter (--list). With this parameter the script don't show the list of errors, only show a list of files that was passed and your status after the JSLint validation:

node JSLint --list tests/*.js
The return will be like this:
>tests/test1.js - 3 problem(s) found
>tests/test2.js - No problems found
>tests/test3.js - No problems found
>tests/test4.js - 2 problem(s) found

First Time

When you execute this script the first time, this script will download the JSLint core from https://raw.github.com/douglascrockford/JSLint/master/jslint.js. After download, the script will execute normally.