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Scripts to help me administer Solaris 10.

This scripts are a bit bias’d towards how I do things, and you may need to modify them accordingly.

For instance, I use virtual NICs with crossbow for networking my zones.

Also, I map my home directory into each zone.

Search for and alter the variables in the config section near the front, and the contents of the zone_tmplt_str variable to change these things.

Also, please make suggestions.


Python2.4 that comes with Solaris 10. It should work with newer, including what comes with Solaris 11. I don’t want you to have to use anything further than what is installed to use this.

You may need a suffuciently new version of Solaris 10 though, or else to modify the scripts. I believe you need build 105 or newer.


/etc/hosts ending with blank lines confuses get_next_ip

It will error out. Need to work backwards to a non blank/non-comment line.

Spurious error on first boot w.r.t. sysidcfg

network_interface=vnic9 {primary hostname=yourls-zone ip_address= netmask= protocol_ipv6=no default_route=NONE} vnic9 is not a valid network interface line 4 position 19

However, it sets up vnic9 (or whatever) just fine anyway.


Generate and install a site.xml file.

installs to zone_storage_path/ZONE_NAME/root/var/svc/profile

Probably should copy from a freshly installed zone, immediately after my zone_service_cleanup script was run. Then, with the site.xml, the cleanup script wouldn’t be needed.