HTTP Status Code monitoring with notifications via email
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HTTP Status Code monitoring with notifications via email

Usage and output

The tool takes the following input:

  • testurl: the url to monitor
  • sender: the email address that will be listed as the notification sender
  • receiver: the email address where you want to receive the notification
  • timeout: the interval (in minutes) for testing the HTTP status code
$ python
>>> import roger
>>> testurl = ""
>>> sender = ""
>>> receiver = ""
>>> timeout = 5
>>> roger.main(testurl,sender,receiver,timeout)
Roger/0.1 (HTTP status code monitoring)
Status monitoring for
Initial statuscode 404
Entering test loop with timeout of 5 minutes
New statuscode detected 404 -> 200
Composing alert email.

You will receive a notification email at of the form:

Subject: [Roger] Status change for

Status of changed from 404 to 200

Ideas for improving this tool

  • Check for the existence of a mail server