Daemon tweet scheduler in Python3 for populating a timeline with texts from a text file.
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Twitter bot in Python3 for populating my own timeline with texts from a text file.


zazu was named after Zazu, the hornbill from Disney's The Lion King.


  • python3
  • python-twitter (pip install python-twitter).
  • API keys from Twitter

Zazu supports Twitters new 280-character limit. Note that python-twitter 3.3 (from pypi.python.org) does not yet support this. If you want to post tweets of more than 140 characters, you need to upgrade python-twitter to version 3.3.1 or patch your python-twitter package by hand.


  • Clone this repo
  • Create a plain text source file to store your tweets.
  • Copy sampleconfig.txt to config.txt and enter your preferred settings. At the very least, submit valid Twitter API keys and point to your source file.
  • Fill your source file with a few tweets.
  • [Optional] Run python3 zazu.py to post your first tweet as a test run.
  • Make a cron-job for zazu.