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MODX Extra ipCountryRedirect
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IP-Address based Country Redirect. The Extra uses the IP-API-Service of IPLocate to get the country-code of the user and redirects to the defined context.


So far 1,500 daily requests are free. If you need more request you can get yourself an API-Key at APILocate and set it in the System-Settings:

System Settings

setting default description
ipcr.apikey Optional API-Key. Get your Key at APILocate
ipcr.anonymizeip false Anonymize IP-Address (example: ->

Now just define the country-codes in the context you want the user to be redirected to:

Context Settings

setting default description
ipcr.countries County-Codes: Comma separatet list of county-codes that match this context. Example: de,at,ch


Place the Snippet into the Root-Context of your site:



If you have 3 Context:

  • web = Root-Context
  • de = Germany
  • us = USA

1. Step

Place the Snippet [[!ipCountryRedirect]] into your Root-Context (web) into your site_start.

2. Step

Define all your country-codes in your contexts with the context-key ipcr.countries. Example:

  • de = de,at,ch
  • us = us

Finished! Your user should be redirected to your defined contexts.


By default the user gets redirectet to your Default-Context (System-Setting: default_context). If the Extra can't locate the user or the country is not defined in any context: The extra will redirect to your default context. Make shure your Default-Context is not the same context as your Root-Context.

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