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Pssst: Did you know the wiki has its own page dedicated to themes?

title: Theme Example
output: theme.html
theme: jdan/cleaver-retro

Cleaver has substantial theme support to give you more fine-grained control over your presentation, similar to options. Instead of manually specifying a stylesheet, template, layout, and others, you can specify a single theme containing each of these assets. More specifically, a theme may contain:

  • style.css - styles for your presentation
  • template.mustache - a template used to render the slides in your presentation
  • layout.mustache - a template used to render the entire document of your presentation
  • script.js - javascript to be included in your slideshow

A theme does not need to contain all of these files, only the ones present will be loaded into your slideshow.





Specifying Themes

Themes may be specified by one of the following options:

  • An absolute or relative path to a directory
  • A URL to a directory
  • A github repostitory in the form of username/reponame

Overriding Themes

By default, style.css and script.js will be appended to the default stylesheets and javascripts included in cleaver presentations. If you wish to completely override these defaults, you must include another file in your theme - settings.json - corresponding to the following:

  "override": true

Template files will automatically override the default templates.

Theme Behavior

Themes group together many options such as style, template, and layout. Please note that the individual options will be loaded after the theme, allowing you to override a theme's properties. This is not recommended, however, as the theme author may construct his or her styles in such a way that they are not meant to be overridden.