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Solutions for the discussions on

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Program This

This repository hosts all of my solutions to the challenges posted to programthis. Be sure to check back often for updates.

To add your own solutions

Sharing your solutions with the world is actually pretty easy, just follow these steps. Confused about some of them? Speak up, and contact me.

  • Fork this repo
  • Go into the folder of the challenge you have solved
  • Place your code in the folder
  • Rename your code as username.extension (if your username is JohnD and you wrote this in Python -
  • Commit and push updates to your fork
  • Submit a pull request with a title like JohnD's solution to a-day-at-the-lanes

And that's all! Be sure to include comments in your code including your contact info, the date, and anything else you'd like to add. If I really like it, you might just get a little something.


Feel free to make use of the chat at the bottom of the website. I'm usually around!

Questions? Comments? Chit chat? Feel free to message me anytime at jordan(at)

Submission? submit(at)

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