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Open Source Political Strategy. An Undermine News Project.
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Open Source Political Strategy. An Undermine News project.

What is this?

This is an open source project to encourage people from every side of the political spectrum to pool together their ideas for fixing problems. Now, not everyone will agree that X issue is actually a problem or a bad thing and some may even think it’s a good thing. This is fine. This a place for everyone and every idea from every angle.

Yes, even “dangerous” ideas.

However, we do not condone political violence.

Why would someone make this?

I dreamed of a place like this for years. I was surprised to find of that no one has ever attempted such a project before. Maybe they thought it would be too dangerous or maybe they thought it was too massive or time-consuming. Anyways, this was created simply to index every “issue” and every potential solution, and some other crucial data in order to have people determine what the best strategy is for achieving the change they want to see in the world, so they aren’t blindly and gleefully doing low-impact activities.

Why should I contribute issues and strategies here? Can’t my opposition see them?

While it is true that if you share your issues or strategies here that your opposition can see it, you can also see theirs. It evens the playing field and lets us become better at coming up with strategies.

While you might think everyone who supports X or is on team Y is knowledgeable on strategy Z, they might not be aware of it, or the pros and cons that would come with implementing it.

Think of this open source project as Wikipedia for human political strategy.

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