[discontinued] mvc / ioc microframework for Apache Flex
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Drop Framework

For Architecture, Anatomy, Best Tips and Usage, refer to Drop AS3 Framework Website.

Minimalistic, hybrid MVC / IoC micro-architecture framework for ActionScript on Apache Flex and AIR platforms.

Drop derives from PureMVC in an attempt to minimize implementation approach discordance, forcing to write a strict, consistent and thus more safe code. Framework is designed to be brutally minimal and requires no boilerplate code to apply. Drop also introduces typed notification model and strong notion of Separation of Concerns concept.

Hybrid microarchitecture incorporates following approaches:

  • Inversion of Control based on ServiceLocator, called Context;
  • Model / View / Controller tiers coded in Services / Mediators / Controller classes respectively;
  • Strongly-typed Notification & Call Forwarding model based on native interfaces.

Core framework design aspects:

  • Simplicity - it takes very little effort to understand and start using the framework in real project;
  • Enforced Consistency - architecture rules are very strict resulting in a more consistent and safe code produced by development teams. It is also naturally hard to misuse or misinterpret framework ideas;
  • Decoupling and Transparency - framework improves code clarity, transparency and maintainability by exposing internal system API into a set of interfaces used to reduce modules coupling and keep the big picture in one place, easily and quickly accessible;
  • Minute Setup Time - speaks for itself.

Free, Opensource, Apache license.

Any questions, feedback, feature requests, etc. are welcome: jaroslav.danilov@gmail.com