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FUSE filesystem using Voldemort as a backing store
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You will need a working installation of python-fuse and Voldemort, both
where Python can find and load them as "fuse" and "voldemort"
respectively.  Alternatively, you can define the environment variable
VOLDFS_DB to any other module that can be loaded and uses the same
interface as Voldemort; see for a simple example that's useful
for debugging and development.  To start, just do something like this:

	./ -s /tmp/myfs

Yes, the -s is necessary, because something "down below" isn't thread-safe.
For more updates, search for "VoldFS" on my site -

	real attributes etc.
	general cleanup ("TBD" throughout the code)
	"update single allocated block" optimization
	conditional update in S3 back end
	caching S3 back end (local ops to FS + async write to S3)

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