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jQuery Survey is a jQuery extension that renders JSON based Surveys into a container.
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jQuery.Survey is a JSON based Survey plugin for jQuery. It was inspired by a few other plugins I found that could render multi-page survey type forms that have long been abandoned. It is fully functional as is, but there will be updates to it to include a designer and documentation.

Basically I wanted a multi-page survey that could be stored in JSON so I could put it into MongoDB or a standard JSON file and have the UI display it.

My basic requirements were:

  • Must be able to show/hide sections based on data entered
  • Conditions should have the ability to be complex
  • Must use a template system (default is handlebars)
  • Must be extensible (you can add new template types, override existing templates easily, change template engines, hook page changes, and even change the transition effects)
  • Must support required fields and validation

Usage - Basics

Include it in your page after jQuery: <script type="text/javascript" src="js/jQuery.Survey.js"></script>

Create a survey object:

var survey = {

Initialize and use your survey:

  survey: survey,
  data: yourData

Or to load the survey data or survey from a URL:

  surveyURL: surveyURL,
  dataURL: yourDataURL

See example\index.html for more details until better documentation is written. The example makes use of Handlebars and jQuery.Validate.

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