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* SMF Package Manager Generator
* Author: SleePy (JeremyD)
* Repository:
* License: BSD 3 Clause; See license.txt
if (!defined('PacManGen')) { exit('[' . basename(__FILE__) . '] Direct access restricted');}
* The index section
function index_section()
global $text, $scriptname;
echo '
<br clear="all" />
<p id="welcome">', $text['index_welcome'], '.</p>
<ol id="steps">
<li><a href="', $scriptname, '?action=mod">', $text['index_mod'], '</a></li>
<li><a href="', $scriptname, '?action=info">', $text['index_info'], '</a></li>
<li>', $text['index_compress'], '</li>
* The index template
* Just a voodoo function.
function index_templates() {}
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