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Paper Mario: TTYD (U) Shufflizer v2.03 by Jdaster64


  • PistonMiner for TTYD scripting disassembly, the initial code for the "rel" framework, and the elf2rel, gcipack, and rellink utilities. (GitHub repo for these tools here.)
  • PistonMiner and Zephiles for their work on TTYD symbol maps, and the GCI loader code (GitHub repo for the loader here.)


The Paper Mario: TTYD Shufflizer is a mod that introduces the following random elements based on a seed determined by the save file name:

  • Replaces all one-time field item pickups and Charlieton / Pianta / badge shop items with a random permutation of a fixed pool of items.
  • Randomizes all item shops such that they contain each normal item once, plus a selection of random recipes and badges.
  • (Optionally) shuffles the order of enemy encounters in the Pit of 100 Trials, and balances their stats according to their placement within the Pit.

In addition, the player can pull up a menu to globally adjust enemies' HP, ATK, and DEF power, and toggle on/off Pit floor randomization (hold Z and use the D-Pad to make / adjust menu selections, and hold Z + press L to toggle on/off options). If changing the power level of stacked badges is enabled (which is the case by default), you can do so by pressing L or R while the move in question is selected.

More detailed information can be found at the following link: Shufflizer Doc

The Shufflizer currently only supports the North American NTSC version of TTYD, and is designed to work only with a retail disc or unmodified ISO (md5 of db9a997a617ee03bbc32336d6945ec02).

Combination with any other mods or cheat codes is not officially supported.

Installation Guide

  • Download the GCI and source from the most recent release of the Shufflizer (on the "Releases" page).
  • Copy the GCI containing the Shufflizer module to the memory card. (This file contains code required to run Shufflizer, and has no relation to your TTYD save file.)
    • For Dolphin users:
      • Use the memcard manager located in Tools > Memcard Manager (GC) to import the GCI into the file Dolphin is using for a memory card.
      • Alternatively, select "GCI Folder" for the format of the memory card in Slot A (in Config dialog > GameCube > Device settings), and copy the .gci file directly into the folder, located by default at {Dolphin directory}/GC/USA/Card A.
    • For Nintendont or other console users:
      • Use the appropriate homebrew apps / folders, etc. to copy the file from your SD card to your GC memory card or virtual memory card.
  • Use the Gecko loader cheat code in the "relloader-ttyd" directory to make the game load the Shufflizer GCI.
    • For Dolphin users:
      • Right-click your TTYD game in the games list and go to Properties > Gecko Codes, and add the US Gecko loader code (at relloader-ttyd/REL_Loader/Gecko/REL_Loader_US_Gecko.txt).
      • (For older revisions of Dolphin v5, instead go to Properties > Show Defaults, and copy the text code into the Gecko codes section of the "G8ME01.ini" file that opens, marked by the text [Gecko]; if the section doesn't exist, add it.)
      • Enable cheats in Config dialog > General, and enable the loader code in Properties > Gecko Codes for TTYD.
    • For Nintendont users:
      • Copy the loader GCT (at relloader-ttyd/REL_Loader/GCT/G8ME01.gct) onto your SD card, either to /codes/G8ME01.gct or into the folder with your TTYD ISO.
      • Enable cheats in Nintendont's settings before booting the game.
    • Alternatively, you can use the Action Replay loader code (e.g., if you have a physical Action Replay disc).