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Automatic LXD snapshotting

Creates an snapshot of every LXD container in the localhost, once an hour. The name of the snapshot has the format YYYYMMDD-HH.

After the new snapshot has been created, old ones will be removed, except:

  • Those with a different format (to preserve snapshots created by other means).
  • The snapshot just created.
  • The first snapshot of the current day: YYYYMMMDD-00

DISCLAIMER Provided as is. Use at your own risk.


$ git clone
$ cd lxdsnap
$ make install

Add a cronjob to run once an hour:

$ crontab -e
# LXD Snapshots, once an hour
30 * * * * /home/admin/lxdsnap/venv/bin/python /home/admin/lxdsnap/

Remember the user running the job must belong to the lxd group.


I had issues with the snapshots taking too much resources and sometimes processes dying. This may be related to my stack, your mileage may vary. So be careful.

My recommendations:

  • Use latest version of LXD.

  • Avoid making snapshots of containers with sub-volumes (e.g. docker inside lxd), or at least test carefully.

  • Start with a low rate, like snapshot once a day when the load is low, and increase if you don't see load spikes.


Automatic LXD snapshotting



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