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Sometimes the standard configuration just isn't enough.

Over the course of my many (not really) years of developing and using UNIX based systems. I have amassed various settings, configurations, and what not for my environment. This is where all of it lives. And it lives on gloriously.


In order to use these dotfiles, you probably should install them. Below are two methods of doing so.

Automatic Installation

The dotfiles can be installed just by running the automatic installer located in this repository.

Note: Piping curl straight into sh can be very dangerous. Please, please, look over any file that you are doing this for. In this case, the original file can be viewed here.

To install, use one of the commands listed below:

Using curl:

    $ curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jdavis/dotfiles/master/bin/install_dotfiles.sh | sh

Using wget:

    $ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jdavis/dotfiles/master/bin/install_dotfiles.sh -O | sh

Manual Installation

  1. Clone the repository.

        $ git clone https://github.com/jdavis/dotfiles.git
  2. Copy every single file (including dotfiles) to your home directory. Good luck with this. Some useful resources here.

  3. Either restart zsh or run this command:

        $ source ~/.zshrc