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Library that let you create a simple sheet as PDF to later print it
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PHP Library that let you create a simple Sheet (or Table) as PDF to later print it.

This library is a merge of code of and to get MultiCells features in the Sheet/Table. All thanks goes to its Authors.


  • Let you create printable sheet in PDF
  • Can add a 'Logo' image
  • Enable to set a Page Title
  • Enable to set a Footer
  • Enable to personalize Font, Size and Style for Title, Header and Footer
  • Create the Table with an array of data



$listAllOrdered = $this->someMethodGetResults();
$list = array();
foreach ($listAllOrdered as $boy) {
    $res = array();
    $res['full_name'] = $boy->getFullName();
    $res['phone'] = $boy->getPhone();
    $list[] = $res;

$pdf = new FPDF_Sheet();
$pdf->SetTitle('Phones Sheet');

$pdf->AddCol('full_name','50%','Full Name');
$pdf->AddCol('phone','50%','Phones', 'C');

// Let you create a custom page footer text, replacing defined variables with their value.
$pdf->SetFooterText('Page {page_num}/{total_pages}');

$pdf->Table($list, array('padding' => 2, 'vert_padding' => 6));
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