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# This is the Twisted Fast Poetry Server, version 2.0
from twisted.application import internet, service
from twisted.internet.protocol import ServerFactory, Protocol
from twisted.python import log
# Normally we would import these classes from another module.
class PoetryProtocol(Protocol):
def connectionMade(self):
poem = self.factory.service.poem
log.msg('sending %d bytes of poetry to %s'
% (len(poem), self.transport.getPeer()))
class PoetryFactory(ServerFactory):
protocol = PoetryProtocol
def __init__(self, service):
self.service = service
class PoetryService(service.Service):
def __init__(self, poetry_file):
self.poetry_file = poetry_file
def startService(self):
self.poem = open(self.poetry_file).read()
log.msg('loaded a poem from: %s' % (self.poetry_file,))
# configuration parameters
port = 10000
iface = 'localhost'
poetry_file = 'poetry/ecstasy.txt'
# this will hold the services that combine to form the poetry server
top_service = service.MultiService()
# the poetry service holds the poem. it will load the poem when it is
# started
poetry_service = PoetryService(poetry_file)
# the tcp service connects the factory to a listening socket. it will
# create the listening socket when it is started
factory = PoetryFactory(poetry_service)
tcp_service = internet.TCPServer(port, factory, interface=iface)
# this variable has to be named 'application'
application = service.Application("fastpoetry")
# this hooks the collection we made to the application
# at this point, the application is ready to go. when started by
# twistd it will start the child services, thus starting up the
# poetry server