b81a258 Sep 11, 2015
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This file describes the changes expected in some eventual 3.0 release.
* Change package name (org.skife.jdbi.v2 -> org.skife.jdbi.v3)
* Make hashed prefix statement rewriter the default
* Clean up exceptions, a lot
** Consider using Spring's exception mapping code to expose more useful exceptions
* Rename Folder2 to Folder, deleting the old Folder
* Batter batch interface
** That the batch isn't a statement is a problem for the sql object api as you
cannot apply sql statement customizers.
** It should use the same SQLStatement#internalExecute method for execution
so that we can avoid duplicating that logic. Means rejiggering how stuff gets
bound quite a bit.
* Clean up folding a LOT
* Clean up naming on sql object api elements
* Get rid of @Transmogrify
* Use Type instead of Class to support more robust generics in mappers.