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Would it be possible to add an option like
"method_chaining_indentation": "number"

  • number = 0 would mean keeping the current functionality
  • number = 4 would mean indent the chained command by 4 spaces

Indented (better readability):


nomego commented Jul 25, 2012

I too would love this!


jdc0589 commented Jul 28, 2012

I like this a lot, but unfortunately I dont believe there is support for this in the python port of JsBeautifier. I will submit a feature request, and may work on the patch myself if I'm feeling dangerous. Unless any of you are parser wizards?

thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I am so not into Python programming that I just cannot help out ;-)


jdc0589 commented Jul 31, 2012

There was already a feature request for JsBeautifier. I commented that we had people interested in it over here as well. Throw in a comment over on there if you want to see this happen.

eav commented Oct 16, 2012

Great feature, any news on this? JsBeautifier already has it.


jdc0589 commented Oct 16, 2012

It looks like jsbeautifier got this feature within the past 3 weeks, which I was unaware of. I'll pull in the newest version of JsBeautifier, apply a patch for some changes someone contributed that have yet to be accepted over there, and get the update in soon.

eav commented Oct 16, 2012

nice, thanks for the info.

That's good news, thank you.


jdc0589 commented Feb 24, 2013

just pushed out the jsbeautifier upgrade. This is supported now.

jdc0589 closed this Feb 24, 2013

What is the name of this option?

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