Version 2.4.2

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Version 2.4.2

Finalizing Release

Currently finalizing this release and will have it up very soon!

Features of this release

This release is a spin-off release of V. 2.4.0, which adds in what didn't make it in the 2.4.0 Release and includes many changes and improvments!


- Adds Spell Check

  • Adds Text-Coloring Support

  • NOTE: This is unsupported when dark-mode is enabled!

  • Adds support for more file formats (Previously planned in 2.4.0)

    • You can save in ODT,RTF, and TXT.


  • Begins adding support for Studio Mode [Coming soon]

  • Under the hood upgrades!

    • Security fixes

    • Faster load times

    • Want to change the image format? Great news in this update I am adding settings to reflect the options of changing to other file formats. Supported formats: Png,Jpg,TIF. GIF is NOT supported.

New! Beta-Testing Mode!

See WIKI for more details

With Beta Testing Mode you can get early access to new features as if you were using the next version of BeffsBrowser!

This mode can be turned on and off at anytime!

Browsing Mode Redo!

Dual Browsing is coming to BeffsBrowser!

  • Merging Private Browsing with Main window BETA TESTING turn on Beta Testing mode via settings



When enabled your history is automatically cleared for security purposes! In the future, some settings will be enforced by default to make the feature secure and reliable. These include default search engines, homepages etc.

Browser Updates

  • Adding Zoom Features (finally), along with shortcuts

More to come!

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