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Version 2.4.3

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Version 2.4.3

Release Date

Release Date is TBD, release is delayed due to more unseen technical issues.

The Update is now on track and should be ready in early February!

After a few delays, the release will be ready Monday, Feb 23. if all final testing goes well.

Note: Windows 7 will no longer be supported with some features

This update will patch up a few left over bugs, and enable the auto-updating system for all users.

  • Added fixes for the http/https/search integration

    • Unexpected result if you do not type http/https, instead it should automatically detect if the value is valid.
  • Error Handling BETA

    • Error Handling of HTTPS enforcement.
  • Open links into new tabs [beta]

  • Adds Auto-Updating integration

  • Improves overall updating system

  • Adds Fixes and improvements throughout.

  • UI Updates

  • Adds new Settings Navigation

    • Organized settings, by category. Find all your settings in one convenient location! (Each feature will still open the respective settings page)
  • Fixing incomplete features, broken buttons, and dead ends.

  • Adding Security Rules

    • HTTPS enforcement
    • Pop-Up Blocker, please note this may cause issues with youtube and other sites that open things into a module window.
    • Added a Beta feature, where even if you type in http if a https connection exists, you will be redirected. [Tested]
  • Updates Enhancements

    • Auto-Updates With the addition of the new updating system, comes automatic updates, while you are still given a prompt to allow the update, downloading happens in the background while you are still browsing, and applied when you are ready!
    • Scheduled Updates Not gonna be home? No problem! We will silently download the update and have an easy accessible "Update Now" option on the opening UI!
    • Manual Updates Need to save data or doing something time consuming, just make it wait! Delay updates up to 5 days at once. After the 5 days is up these will automatically update
  • Unified Browser: Switch to normal to private mode with one instant click!

    • This is currently in early stages of testing, private browsing will still be accessible through it's own window, but this is a optional feature you can use instead.
    • An indicator will display if you are in private mode.
  • Addressing a few bugs with several different features 😥 These shouldn't be this way!

    • Fixed a UI bug, you should now know there is settings for extension types in EasyCapture!
    • Fixed another UI bug, do you really need two save buttons?
    • Fixed a bug where if you closed the start up screen it closed the entire app. Instead it will be minimized to your system tray automatically. You can force shutdown via the system tray as well.
  • Updated settings for Easy Capture

    • Adding Timed capture (BETA)
    • Adding a toggle switch for timed capture (just in case you want to disable it for the moment, but keep the settings)
    • Testing of the Imgur API is completed and should be making its way in this release!
  • EasyNotes updates

    • More settings
    • tweaks to autosave system
    • Testing saving to Google Drive, in beta testing, unsure if it will stick around or make it to the release.
  • Dual Browsing is now added and fully enabled, the private window is still there as an option but will not get anymore updates

New Settings & Options N' More!

Now until V. 2.5.0 expect MANY new settings and options to be added, as well as a UI overhaul in response to the changes.

V. 2.4.3 will bring many of the UI changes, but will look like a construction zone until complete, so be weary of this, and understand there could be bugs.

Settings will open much faster, in the past there was known issues with settings UI lagging or showing incorrect settings. This should be resolved now.

New Feature: Settings Configuration, with this you can configure based on your device type, e.g. Desktop, laptop, tablet. Most of the processes are already automatic, however some of the settings are manually executed.

Experimental Settings (low priority) - Testing is what much of this project is and has been since day one, a way for me to adapt my skills and improve. With that said, there will be some experimental settings with low priority in development, one of them has a higher priority, but many others are simply to iffy to say they are stable.

  • Introducing power saver

    • Saves your battery from draining too quickly, if you are on a laptop, just go to settings and configure as a laptop.
  • Experimental section for settings has been added.

    • Adding a Experimental "do not track" option

Updates to Browser Restore

Browser Restore was added as part of the update to V 2.0, it is now going to get some much needed updates, and upgrades. See Feature: Browser Restore for additional details on updates and updates to come.

Updates coming in this release will be outlined in the link given above. In addition in future updates the outlines will be published in that wiki page.

The new system is similar to the new history system, and is being tested currently, in Lightbrowse, this feature could be delayed in this release.

New History Storage System!

A new system has been tested and is performing well.

Tab Behavior Updates

  • Smooth UI design (more smoothing to come)

  • Tab Dragging

  • Nav Box updates current Tab's URL immediately, which resolves a few bugs.

  • Addressed minor flaws and other bugs

Security Updates

  • Secure Site Indicator has been added.

  • Indicator if you are in safe Mode has been added.

  • Several known Security Flaws have been fixed.

  • Security enhancements to FullScreen Mode

  • Fix for updates, they should be done over a secure connection.

  • Integration of a Safe-Site algorithm is being added. This will warn of insecure sites.

No More ding dong dinnnnng!

Added a fix to where you no longer hear the ding dong dinnnnng from your machine....That was annoying enough!

Experimental Features:

Set BeffsBrowser as your preferred Browser & More!

Start BeffsBrowser on startup!

Development Stage:

Support for starting BeffsBrowser on startup is currently in a pre-release testing phase. This feature will be in BETA during the release of V. 2.4.3

By starting up BB on startup of your machine, you can return back to work doing the things you love, or getting right back into that paper that is due tomorrow. Whatever it may be, it will be there when you need it. This feature will also include quick launch.

This feature will be controlled through your settings interface.

NOTE: This feature is intended for Windows 10. While it will work on Windows 7/8/8.1, some of the functionality will be limited.

Set BB as your default Browser

Support for setting BeffsBrowser will be rolled out in a later release.

NOTE: This feature will be limited to support on Windows 10.

Details on Release Delay

As of now, the delay will be until after November, most likely after the first of the year.

There is a lot of work that goes into an update. In a normal perfect world I would be working with multiple branches, with multiple compilations, however, BeffsBrowser is only compiled into one release, thus creating a possibility of instability.

With that said, a bug was found, and eliminated by rolling back a couple of the features outlined here, that are meant to make this a product update vs. a performance update.


Effective Immediately, StartPage is being discontinued. This feature is being rebuilt to load directly from BB, this will significantly reduce bandwidth usage, as well as helping provide a handler for offline status.

Bugs & Known Issues

  • Browser Performance, is significantly slower, this is due to all of the extra processing, determining if a secure connection is being established. Pages that do not have HTTPS are most noted to have this issue. [Low Priority]

  • StartPage's Domain has expired. Freenom is causing an issue with anti virus thinking its a malware link. Do not be alarmed.

  • Issue with how Minimizing the Start Menu of BB is handled, it is still being shown. This issue is unknown, and is being investigated. (Windows 10)

Migration to new History Storage

The migration to XML is under way, please note this system is in Beta, and will still be working with the old system.

If you wish to opt out of the old storage system and understand the risks, you can do so by choosing the one time migration process in the history management panel.

For Complete details read History Management Migration

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