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Version 0.7 Release

V. 0.7 has been released! Read the changelog

Project Outline/Planning

Can be seen here


A Sub Project to BeffsBrowser, a Browser without extras.

With LightBrowse, a lot of features of BB is excluded, this browser is for those who wish to browse freely, but don't want the extra features of BeffsBrowser.

Important Notice

LightBrowse is now in stable production, LightBrowse will become Krypto Light with the release of BeffsBrowser Krypto.


25% lighter than BeffsBrowser, and 75% lighter than Google Chrome, Browse without all the extras!

Feature list is being updated


BeffsBrowser TabControl - Comes from the BeffsBrowser Respo

Gecko - Powerful under the hood component of the mechanics of browsing.


Licensed under the MIT license, you must aknowledge the license and read through it after you install and first launch LightBrowse, by using lightbrowse you aknowledge the license, if you do not agree to the terms, do not use LightBrowse.