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Version 0.7 Release

V. 0.7 has been released! Read the changelog

Version 0.6 Release

Many fixes, new features and more! See what is all included here

Source Code Update

Source code part of the V.0.5 release was added, and some of the code is non-production code that was just added recently and is part of a later release. Be advised that some of the code is unstable and could cause unexpected results.

Project Outline/Planning

Can be seen here


A Sub Project to BeffsBrowser, a Browser without extras.

With LightBrowse, a lot of features of BB is excluded, this browser is for those who wish to browse freely, but don't want the extra features of BeffsBrowser.

Important Notice

LightBrowse is in a Testing phase - Support including updates will be revaluated in 2018.


LightBrowse is a independent Sub-project of BeffsBrowser, what this means is, it can be ran right beside BeffsBrowser, licensed seperately, and so forth, but is still under the BeffsBrowser roof. Its like a feature of BeffsBrowser, but ran in its own shell. Below is a comparison chart of features commonly found in BeffsBrowser comparing them to features of LightBrowse. Below the chart is details explaining what is limited and so forth.

Features Comparison Chart:

Feature LightBrowse BeffsBrowser
Multi-Tabbed/Windows Browsing Yes Yes
History Yes Yes
Favorites Limited^ Yes
Utilities (Such as Easy Notes, EasyCapture) No Yes
Private Browsing No Yes
Settings Limited^ Yes
Easy to Update Yes Yes
Min OS^ Windows 8 Windows 7, Service Pack 1
StartPage No Yes
License MIT MIT


Favorites: Favorites is limited in LightBrowse, as it is thought if you want a lot of features you would use BeffsBrowser instead, and just not use the extras. The concept is Browsing only focused.

Settings: Settings can help customize your experience, limited settings in light browse will mean, very minimal customizing, as with more settings the app becomes bigger, which isn't the concept of the product.

Minimum OS: Light Browse is starting with a Newer framework meaning compatibility to Windows 7 is limited, so I have decided not to support Windows 7 and older OS versions


BeffsBrowser TabControl - Comes from the BeffsBrowser Respo

Gecko - Powerful under the hood component of the mechanics of browsing.


Licensed under the MIT license, you must aknowledge the license and read through it after you install and first launch LightBrowse, by using lightbrowse you aknowledge the license, if you do not agree to the terms, do not use LightBrowse.