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#Spice Spice is a personal file sharing service. It aims to be a simple and clean alternative to cloud.app or dropbox for sharing files with friends.


  • Upload many files just by dragging and dropping them on to the page.
  • Private, public, and limited (viewable by link only) sharing.
  • Syntax highlight code views


  1. Checkout this repo
  2. pip install pygments flask flask-login sqlalchemy wand shortid
  3. Copy settings-example.cfg to settings.cfg and update values
  4. Create an empty database: python runserver.py init_db
  5. Create a user: python runserver.py user
  6. Run the dev server: python runserver.py

For a production environment you do the above but instead of using python runserver.py to run spice you would use uwsgi or your preferred choice of python server.


  • Markdown rendering
  • Handle audio files nicely
  • Export endpoint (should zip all files with correct names (when possible)
  • File sets so you can easily share multiple files
  • note field/custom key
  • See if we can tweak the short-id alphabet (remove - and _)