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Various tools for visualisation of Max patches and SuperCollider projects as network graphs.
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This project aims to offer solutions for visualisation of Max patches and SuperCollider projects inside network graphs for ANT analysis of these instruments placed within larger networks.

What is possible now:

  • transformation of Max patch into a format compatable with open-source network visualisation software Cytoscape.

What will be possible:

  • Visualisation of networks within Max using JavaScript.
  • Interactive graphs which are linked to the actual functionality of the patch.
  • The same possibilities for SuperCollider.

Max to excel:

This script transforms a Max file into a Node list and en Edge list which can be exported to two excel files, which can then be used in a program like Cytoscape to visualize the patch as a network graph.

It currently handles:

  • Subpatchers
  • Abstractions
  • Fat trimming (deleting things such as inlet, outlet nodes, and creating new edges that connect objects directly while still retaining information about subpatcher and abstraction appartenance).
  • Creating edges between buffer~ objects.

It currently does not handle:

  • Fat trimming for poly~ objects,pfft~ objects,gen~ objects and for route objects.
  • Creating edges between colls and dicts.
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