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A tool that puts tweets from a Twitter widget on display in a clear, stylized way on the web, starting with the first tweet and changing to the next every 3 seconds. After every minute (Or however long you change it to in the code), the most recent tweets reload again.

The demo included is for seeing Twitter posts from users who "got hacked" (Or otherwise included those exact words in their post). Demo site is at:

Twitter might be one of the best platofms for getting real-time data. It has a massive scale and audience that's generally tech-savvy, and it is the most immediate source of news and sharing out there. So how can we use Twitter for our benefit in research?

I developed this while trying to think of a way to gather some practical, direct research on how prevalent invasions of digital privacy, aka "hacking" is in today's connected society. I thought, what better way than to mine Twitter? Set your widget ID and put the page on display, and study what the people have to say real-time in a visually appealing, convenient manner.

Special thanks to Jason Mayes for his Twitter Fetcher library that made this possible: