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revised Modulefile to reference forked project

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1 parent fccd0c4 commit 0ed635a0783ed8532c3a5bdc0b491f0bbd7f93d6 OASIS User committed Sep 26, 2013
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4 Modulefile
@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
-name 'example42-mcollective'
+name 'jdef-mcollective'
version '2.0.11'
author 'Alessandro Franceschi'
license 'Apache2'
project_page ''
-source ''
+source ''
summary 'Puppet module for mcollective'
description 'This module installs and manages mcollective. Check README.rdoc for details. Puppi is required for some common functions: you can install them without using the whole module. Monitor and firewall dependencies are needed only if the relevant features are enabled'
dependency 'example42/puppi', '>=2.0.0'

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