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import DefaultBijections._
import org.specs2.mutable.Specification
class BijectionSpec extends Specification {
object atoi extends Bijection[String, Int] {
def apply(s: String) = s.toInt
def unapply(i: Int) = i.toString
object itof extends Bijection[Int, Double] {
def apply(i: Int) = i.toDouble
def unapply(d: Double) = d.toInt
"Bijection.identity: creates Bijection which does not change data" in {
Bijection.identity[String]("foo") mustEqual ("foo")
Bijection.identity[String].unapply("foo") mustEqual ("foo")
"Bijection.inverse: creates inverse Bijection" in {
val b = ByteArrayToString
b(Array[Byte]('f', 'o', 'o')) must_== "foo"
b.inverse.unapply(Array[Byte]('f','o','o')) must_== "foo"
b.inverse("foo").toList must_== List[Byte]('f', 'o', 'o')
"Bijection.compose: creates composed Bijection" in {
val composed = atoi.andThen(itof)
composed("2") must_== 2.0d
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