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In March of 2010, I wrote a visual novel (VN) to explain hypothesis
testing to my Psychology Research Methods class. I used the Ren'py [0]
visual novel engine, and it worked great. Grant Paton-Simpson, the
author of SOFA - Statistics Open For All [1] liked the content, but said
he would prefer if it were web-based instead of having to download
an executable file.

After some experimentation, I have come up with a visual novel engine
written in JavaScript. It is not meant as a replacement for Ren'py,
nor is it intended to do everything that Ren'py does. I have tried to
make it general enough to do a variety of simple VNs, but my main purpose
was to adapt a single visual novel to the web. If it serves your
purposes too, that’s great.

Although the engine was inspired by Ren'py, it is not a copy. Just as
Ren'py is written in Python and “plays well” with that language, this
engine was written to work in an HTML/CSS/JavaScript environment, and its
notation is closely linked to that environment.