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Path Oriented Powered Wheelchair Navigation Assistance_Jason Dekarske.pdf


  • See abstract for research background and see TJOE for full research paper.

Starting from scratch.

  • See the bill of materials in appendix of paper for parts used in this project.
  • The "backup image" file can be flashed to an sd card using this tutorial or your favorite method.

Adding to an existing system.

Using the scripts.

  • Add run command sudo python <script directory> & to etc/profile, use ampersand to run script in background.
  • Use sudo raspi-config and switch to "auto login command line" or errors will occur!
  • Use for the intended application described by the research documents.
  • Use to analyze images and adjust range parameters.
  • Use to see frame by frame if omxplayer isn't working.
  • Use to analyze videofiles.


  • Find more graceful way to use onbuttonpress().
  • Add cliff detection. When the centroid falls below a certain vertical coordinate.
  • Add shadow detection. See article: "Shadow Detection and Removal from a Single Image Using LAB Color Space"
  • Improve framerate/optimize.