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// BBOSCViewController.m
// Created by Jonathan del Strother on 09/09/2009.
// Copyright 2009 Best Before Media Ltd. All rights reserved.
#import "BBOSCViewController.h"
NSString* BBOSCTypeKey=@"BBOSCType";
NSString* BBOSCPortKey=@"BBOSCPortKey";
@implementation BBOSCTypeToStringTransformer
+ (id) transformer {
return [[[self alloc] init] autorelease];
+ (Class)transformedValueClass { return [NSString class]; }
+ (BOOL)allowsReverseTransformation { return NO; }
- (id)transformedValue:(id)value {
switch ([value intValue]) {
case BBOSCTypeInt: return @"Integer";
case BBOSCTypeFloat: return @"Float";
case BBOSCTypeBool: return @"Boolean";
case BBOSCTypeString: return @"String";
case BBOSCTypeArrayOfInt: return @"Array w/ Int bias";
case BBOSCTypeArrayOfFloat: return @"Array w/ Float bias";
case BBOSCTypeArrayOfBool: return @"Array w/ Bool bias";
NSAssert1(NO, @"Bad OSC type value %@", value);
return nil;
@implementation BBOSCViewController
@synthesize portTypeDropDown, portArrayController;
+(void)initialize {
if (self == [BBOSCViewController class]) {
[NSValueTransformer setValueTransformer:[BBOSCTypeToStringTransformer transformer] forName:@"BBOSCTypeToStringTransformer"];
-(void)setPortTypeDropDown:(NSPopUpButton*)popup {
// Initialize the popup with all our port types
portTypeDropDown = popup;
[portTypeDropDown removeAllItems];
NSMutableArray* portTypes = [NSMutableArray array];
BBOSCTypeToStringTransformer* transformer = [BBOSCTypeToStringTransformer transformer];
for(int i=0; i<BBOSCTypeCount; i++) {
[portTypes addObject:[transformer transformedValue:[NSNumber numberWithInt:i]]];
[portTypeDropDown addItemsWithTitles:portTypes];
-(void)addNewPort:(id)sender {
NSMutableDictionary* newPort = [NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
[NSNumber numberWithInt:[portTypeDropDown indexOfSelectedItem]],BBOSCTypeKey,
[[NSProcessInfo processInfo] globallyUniqueString], BBOSCPortKey, nil
[portArrayController addObject:newPort];
NSString* QCTypeForOSCType(BBOSCType oscType) {
switch(oscType) {
case BBOSCTypeBool: return QCPortTypeBoolean;
case BBOSCTypeInt: return QCPortTypeIndex;
case BBOSCTypeFloat: return QCPortTypeNumber;
case BBOSCTypeString: return QCPortTypeString;
default: return QCPortTypeStructure;
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