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by Buzz Andersen
More information at:
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. To view a copy of this license, visit
or send a letter to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford,
California 94305, USA.
#import "NSAppleScript+HandlerCalls.h"
@implementation NSAppleScript (HandlerCalls)
- (NSAppleEventDescriptor *) callHandler: (NSString *) handler withArguments: (NSAppleEventDescriptor *) arguments errorInfo: (NSDictionary **) errorInfo {
NSAppleEventDescriptor* event;
NSAppleEventDescriptor* targetAddress;
NSAppleEventDescriptor* subroutineDescriptor;
NSAppleEventDescriptor* result;
/* This will be a self-targeted AppleEvent, so we need to identify ourselves using our process id */
int pid = [[NSProcessInfo processInfo] processIdentifier];
targetAddress = [[NSAppleEventDescriptor alloc] initWithDescriptorType: typeKernelProcessID bytes: &pid length: sizeof(pid)];
/* Set up our root AppleEvent descriptor: a subroutine call (psbr) */
event = [[NSAppleEventDescriptor alloc] initWithEventClass: 'ascr' eventID: 'psbr' targetDescriptor: targetAddress returnID: kAutoGenerateReturnID transactionID: kAnyTransactionID];
/* Set up an AppleEvent descriptor containing the subroutine (handler) name */
subroutineDescriptor = [NSAppleEventDescriptor descriptorWithString: [handler lowercaseString]];
[event setParamDescriptor: subroutineDescriptor forKeyword: 'snam'];
/* Add the provided arguments to the handler call */
[event setParamDescriptor: arguments forKeyword: keyDirectObject];
/* Execute the handler */
result = [self executeAppleEvent: event error: errorInfo];
[targetAddress release];
[event release];
return result;
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