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emoji weather, temperature, & moon phases in your prompt
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🌞 weatherprompt ☔

emoji weather, moon phases, & temperature in your prompt

Uses ipinfo to get your ZIP code, which is then passed to the Wunderground API. (You'll need a Wunderground API key - don't worry, it's free.)

Originally I wrote this in Python, but the overhead of loading Python and the imported libraries made it too slow to use on each prompt. So I re-wrote in Go, which is a compiled language, and it starts up much faster. With Go 1.7 and some compile flags, binary is a slim 4 MB.


  1. Build: go build -ldflags="-s -w" wp.go

  2. Make it executable: chmod +x wp

  3. copy wp to a directory in your PATH.


-k is the only required flag:


Throw it in your prompt:

export PS1="$(wp -m -t -k [key]) \u@\h\w $ "

Full list of flags

  -d  Turn on debug mode
  -f  Force lookup (don't use cached data)
  -k string
      API key for
  -m  Include the phase of the moon (at night)
  -t  Show the temperature in Fahrenheit
  -w int
      Number of minutes to wait before checking (default 10)
  -z string
      Force zip code (skip lookup)

You can also type wp -h to see this list.

(C) Josh Delman, 2016

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