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These functions implement the methods described in the SIAM Review paper on "power-law distributions in empirical data", written by Aaron Clauset, Cosma R. Shalizi and M.E.J. Newman in February 2009 (<>).

They are translations to Python 2.6 of their original Matlab version (<>) made in August 2009 (and slightly corrected in the following months):
* The translation of randht.m is
* The translations of plfit.m are and ( is a small adaptation of
* The translation of plpva.m is
* The translation of plplot.m is
* There is no translation of plvar.m.

These Python programs make use of Numpy, SciPy special Zeta function and Matplotlib Pyplot.

Original Matlab files: by Aaron Clauset
Translated Python files: by Javier del Molino Matamala

A program is included to show how to call plfit0, plfit, plpva and plplot (for discrete data).