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SilverStripe Template Plugin for NetBeans
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Silverstripe Template Plugin for Netbeans

Build Status

A NetBeans plugin offering support for SilverStripe template files.

So far it includes:

  • Syntax highlighting for *.ss files
  • Hyperlinking of files in include and require statements
  • Folding for SilverStripe tags
  • Rudimentary highlighting of syntax errors


  • NetBeans 8.x


  • Choose appropriate release from releases
  • Download nbm file
  • In NetBeans, go to "Tools/Plugins" and choose "Downloaded" tab
  • Click "Add plugins..." and add your downloaded nbm file
  • Click "Install" and follow along.


  • Go to "Tools/Plugins" and choose "Installed" tab
  • Type "silverstripe" into "Search:" field
  • Check "Silverstripe template plugin" and click "Uninstall"

Build from source

nbm file will be placed into target/ folder [JDK]: [Maven]:

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