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correct not assignment to connective.not

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commit 6ea646cc11caa9d598dccdde5cc44303a6999eba 1 parent 6d039be
@kurttheviking kurttheviking authored
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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ combine predicate (bool returning) functions with propositional logic connective
var connective = require('connective')
var or = connective.or
var and = connective.and
-var not = connective.and
+var not = connective.not
function wearsFlannel (person) {
return person.wearing === 'flannel'
@@ -82,4 +82,4 @@ The returned Predicate will pass through its `this` context and arguments to `te
jden <>
## license
-MIT. (c) 2013 Agile Diagnosis. See
+MIT. (c) 2013 Agile Diagnosis. See
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