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Releasing verion 4.5.1

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jdereg committed Oct 27, 2019
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### Revision History
* 4.5.1-SNAPSHOT
* 4.5.1
* Spring Environment Property `ncube.track.bindings` added. If `true`, all coordinate bindings to a cell will be added to output map (existing behavior). If `false`, these bindings are not written. Defaults to `true`.
* Using groovy-all.jar 2.4.17.
* Updated to spring boot 2.2.0
* Updated to tomcat 9.0.27 (brought in by spring boot 2.2.0)
* 4.5.0
* Bug fix: When using `at()`, if the destination cell changed values on the input `Map`, then those changes were reflected on the input `Map` upon return. Going forward, all calls to `at()`, `go()`, and `use()` all protect input from being modified by the target cell (unpon return) - no side effects to input `Map` keys or values. Keep in mind, that although the value associated to a key cannot be changed, fields on a structured value-side object could be changed.
* Bug fix: When compile Groovy cells, the compilation is synchronized on `L2CacheKey` - meaning that all compilation is in parallel except of the exact same cell (SHA-1 of source or SHA-1 of URL).

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