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updated to support Windows for disabling the ability for a file to be…

… read.
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jdereg committed Jan 11, 2019
1 parent fd766c9 commit fc76368b535b2c643c7fdaf07a2d60af64ec13d0
Showing with 16 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +16 −3 src/test/groovy/com/cedarsoftware/ncube/TestNCubeRuntimeFileCaching.groovy
@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ package com.cedarsoftware.ncube

import com.cedarsoftware.ncube.util.LocalFileCache
import com.cedarsoftware.util.CallableBean
import com.cedarsoftware.util.Executor
import groovy.transform.CompileStatic
import org.junit.After
import org.junit.Before
@@ -612,17 +613,29 @@ class TestNCubeRuntimeFileCaching extends NCubeBaseTest

void testOfflineReadOfInvalidSha1() {
void testOfflineReadOfInvalidSha1()
String cubeName = 'TestBranch'
ApplicationID appId = snapshotId

NCube realCube = createRuntimeCubeFromResource(appId,"test.branch.1.json")

writeSha1File(appId, cubeName, realCube.sha1())
String sha1 = realCube.sha1()
writeSha1File(appId, cubeName, sha1)

// mark sha1 as non-readable to trigger read exception
getFileForCachedSha1(appId, cubeName).setReadable(false)
File file = getFileForCachedSha1(appId, cubeName)

// this doesn't seem to work on Windows.
boolean successFullyChangedToReadable = file.setReadable(false);

// attempt for Windows
if (!successFullyChangedToReadable)
Executor executor = new Executor();
executor.exec("icacls ${file.absolutePath.replace('/', '\\\\')} /deny Everyone:R");

exception.expectMessage("Failed to load sha1 for cube: TestBranch from offline cache")
getCubeFromRuntime(appId, cubeName)

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