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ifElser commented Aug 14, 2012

in case, when session storage can be used by satelite code such as asincronous listeners, we need save some unknown data, wich may be stored by some callbacks
for example:

vhost.soc.on('init', function(key){
    var sid = vhost.soc.handshake.sid ? vhost.soc.handshake.sid : false;
        console.dir('sid fail')
        vhost.soc.emit('init', {loggedin:false})
    } else {
                vhost.soc.emit('init', ses.siodata)
                    console.dir(['logged in', ses])
                    vhost.soc.emit('login', login({login:ses.siodata.login}))
            } else {
                console.dir(['login fail', ses])
                vhost.soc.emit('init', {loggedin:false})

in this example callback store field "siodata" in session document, which will be used in the future, after page refresh, but on app.get connect-mongo complete rewrite this session document and siodata will be lost

MongoStore.prototype.set = function(sid, session, callback) {
    try {
        //var s = {_id: sid, session: this._serialize_session(session)}; 
        //so we will not hardcode session body
        var i = this; // save this scope
        this._get_collection(function(collection) {
            // instead, we try to get session with _id = sid from collection
            collection.findOne({_id: sid},function(err,ses){
                // added one more opportunity for errors - processed
                if(err) {
                    callback && callback(err); 
                } else {
                    // and carefully set s if document exists, or hardcode session object in other case
                    var s = ses || {_id: sid };
                    // renew session info in both cases
                    s.session = i._serialize_session(session);
                    if (session && session.cookie && session.cookie._expires) {
                        s.expires = new Date(session.cookie._expires);
                    // now we can update session document without destruct of posible additional session data
                    collection.update({_id: sid}, s, {upsert: true, safe: true}, function(err, data) {
                        if (err) {
                            callback && callback(err);
                        } else {
                            callback && callback(null);
    } catch (err) {
        callback && callback(err);

regards, all,
wait your comments about


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