Failed to load c++ bson extension, using pure JS version #91

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Im seeing this in the console log of my node app when using connect-mongo 0.4.0


This is a version dependency between mongo driver and node. you have probably updated node past 10.22 or so. mongo driver will fail to load native driver if that is the case.


I'm having the same issue with v0.4.0, works well with v0.3.3. I'm using node 0.10.24, express 3.4.8 and mongoose 3.8.3 (mongoose 3.8.4 shows the same warning). Any ideas on how to solve this so I can use v0.4.0?


amy news on this? I am experiencing the same issue with and Mongo-Native
Node v0.10.26


I only see this when connect-mongo is brought in. The app uses mongoose elsewhere and has no issues with driver version. Adding "var MongoStore = require('connect-mongo')(session);" immediately brings up the bson error.


Your problem must be related to node-mongodb-native.
I close this issue. I can re-open it if needed.

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