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* Change the configuration below and rename this file to config.php
* The directory to check.
* Make sure the DIR ends ups in the Sitemap Dir URL below, otherwise the links to files will be broken!
define( 'SITEMAP_DIR', './' );
// With trailing slash!
define( 'SITEMAP_DIR_URL', '' );
// Whether or not the script should check recursively.
define( 'RECURSIVE', true );
// The file types, you can just add them on, so 'pdf', 'php' would work
$filetypes = array( 'php', 'html', 'pdf' );
// The replace array, this works as file => replacement, so 'index.php' => '', would make the index.php be listed as just /
$replace = array( 'index.php' => '' );
// The XSL file used for styling the sitemap output, make sure this path is relative to the root of the site.
$xsl = 'xml-sitemap.xsl';
// The Change Frequency for files, should probably not be 'never', unless you know for sure you'll never change them again.
$chfreq = 'never';
// The Priority Frequency for files. There's no way to differentiate so it might just as well be 1.
$prio = 1;
// Ignore array, all files in this array will be: ignored!
$ignore = array( 'config.php' );