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Hardware password/seed storage
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DIY Hardware Password Keeper



The goal of the project is to create the easy to build and use device that allows to store virtually unlimited number of passwords on AES encrypted storage. The storage is encrypted with AES and uses the password that is stored on the RFID FOB key.


Hardware part is built on Raspberry Pi Zero (W - optional).

Bill of material


The OS is based on Linux Kernel 4.14 for Raspberry Pi.

The application is written in Golang with heavy use of components for MFRC522 and OLED display.




The application consists of 2 components:

  • firmware
    • service
    • oled splash
  • web interface ( AngularJS )

These components can be build separately:

  • make web - builds the web interface. The application embeds the WEB interface into itself, hence make web has to be invoked first, in order to produce all necessary artifacts.
  • make firmware - builds services
  • make all - builds the web interface and services
  • make linux - builds the linux image to write on a micro SD card for Raspberry Pi. Requires path to buildrood to be set in BUILDROOT variable.

will build the web interface, services and will invoke buildroot to produce the disk image in buildroot/images/sdcard.img file. This file can be written onto a micro SD card with

dd if=buildroot/images/sdcard.img of=/dev/sda bs=1M
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